The 2007 Holberg Symposium: Law and Political Morality

The Symposium was held in the honour of the 2007 Holberg Laureate, American legal scholar Ronald Dworkin.

You can watch and listen to all lectures on the Holberg Prize YouTube playlist.

Stephen Guest, Professor of Legal Philosophy, University College London (UK)
Dietmar von der Pfordten, Professor of Legal and Social Philosophy, University of Göttingen (Germany)

0930-0935: Introduction
Professor Jan Fridthjof Bernt, Chair of Ludvig Holberg Memorial Fund, and Professor Stephen Guest

0935-0950: Law and Political Morality
Professor Ronald Dworkin, Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law, New York University and Jeremy Bentham Research Professor in Jurisprudence, University College London

0950-1035: Justice in Robes: Integrity and the Rule of Law
Jeremy Waldron, Professor of Law and Philosophy, New York University School of Law (USA)

1035-1120: Equality in Ideal Moral Theory and Real Political Practice
Peter Koller, Professor of Legal and Social Philosophy , University of Graz (Austria)

1130-1215: Equality of Respect and Hate Speech
Rebecca Brown, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University (USA)

1300-1345: Equality and Choice Sensitivity
Seana Shiffrin, Professor of Philosophy and Law, University of California Los Angeles (USA)

1345-1430: Objectivity
Thomas Nagel, Professor of Law and Philosophy, New York University (USA)

1440-1525: Religion, Dignity and the Secular State
Rainer Forst, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy, University of Frankfurt (Germany)

Symposium coordinators: Professor Stephen Guest, Professor Dietmar von der Pfordten and Associate Professor Synne Sæther Mæhle (University of Bergen)


Auditorium 1, Dragefjellet, University of Bergen
Practical information
Free Admittance.