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14 March 2019

On March 14, at 09:00 CET, the recipients of 2019 the Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize will be announced. The ceremony will be livestreamed on this page.

1 December 2018

Fifty years after the 1968 revolt, how important are affects in influencing the behavior of voters, activists and policy makers? Achille Mbembe, Kathleen Cleaver and George Galloway will meet in Bergen on December 1 to discuss these issues.

7 June 2018

Research Director Anine Kierulf and Professor Cathrine Holst invite Holberg Laureate Cass R. Sunstein to a conversation about expertise and policy making at the House of Literature in Oslo.

5 June 2018

If people have freedom of choice, do their lives go better? Under what conditions? By what criteria?

5 June 2018

Can democracies arrive at truth – and if so, through which mechanisms?

4 June 2018

The Holberg Prize has invited six Nordic PhD candidates to discuss the topic "What to do about Human Error" with Holberg Laureate Cass Sunstein in Bergen on 4 June.

4 June 2018

The 2018 Nils Klim Laureate Francesca R. Jensenius presents her research and discusses the use of electoral quotas in India with Pradeep Chhibber, Pratap Mehta and Anne Waldrop.

14 March 2018

On March 14 we will announce the winner of the Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize 2018. The ceremony can be watched live from 9:00.

2 December 2017

At this year's Holberg Debate, John Pilger, Julian Assange og Jonathan Heawood will discuss the presence of propaganda in news and social media, and its democratic implications.

8 June 2017

A conversation with the 2017 Holberg Laureate Onora O’Neill about trustworthiness and trust.

7 June 2017

The official award ceremony for the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize

6 June 2017

Should freedom of expression protect speech and writing that damage, undermine or distort communication?

3 December 2016

How can we build a framework for ‘civilized conflict’ in multicultural societies where different world views determine which types of expression that are deemed unacceptable?

7 June 2016

“Understanding emissions trading through discourse analysis”

7 June 2016

How does life enter into the formal structure of works of art and literature? How do those works enter into the life of their own and future times?