Julia Kristeva: New Forms of Revolt

New Forms of Revolt

What is revolt, and how does it set its mark on society? How does it feel? Could 'revolt', called 'riot' on web, be — at this digital age — in the process of shaking up humankind of its dream of hyperconnectedness? 

Julia Kristeva proposes a new interpretation of the experience of revolt: far from simply a negation or contestation of the norm, revolt is a transvaluation of memory, a reconstruction of subjectivity. Setting out from this definition, Kristeva stresses the personal experience of revolt as an infinite refounding of the self, and as a motor of social change.

This lecture is the last in a series of five Holberg Anniversary Lectures. It was held at the University of Bergen, on Wednesday 26.11.2014

The Holberg Anniversary Lectures 2014

As a part of the ten-year anniversary celebration of the Holberg Prize, five Laureates were invited to hold guest lectures at Norwegian Universities during fall 2014.