The Holberg Committee

The Holberg Committee consists of internationally renowned scholars within the disciplines of the prize and is responsible for the scholarly assessment of the nominations. The Committee presents their recommendation to the Holberg Board, who appoints the award winner.

  • Hazel Genn portrait
  • Björn Wittrock portrait
  • Mary Beard Portrait
  • Graeme Turner portrait
  • Cui Zhiyuan portrait
  • Dame Hazel Genn, Dean of Law and Co-Director, UCL Judicial Institute, University College London (Committee chairman)
  • Björn Wittrock, Founding Director and Permanent Fellow, Swedish Collegium of Advanced Studies. University Professor, Uppsala University. Vice President, Academia Europaea.
  • Mary Beard – Professor, University of Cambridge
  • Graeme Turner – Professor emeritus, The University of Queensland
  • Cui Zhiyuan – Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

About the Committee

The Holberg Committee meets twice. At the first meeting, in early fall, they choose a shortlist from the nominations. Following the first meeting referees with in-depth knowledge of the candidates are asked to write assessments on the candidates' work. In most cases the committee obtains 3-4 such assessments for each shortlist candidate to support their further deliberations. Suggestions for potential referees are part of the nominations.

The second Committee meeting is normally held in late February / early March. At this meeting the Holberg Committee decide on their recommendation for a prize winner. The Holberg Board appoints the Holberg Prize Laureate based on the committee's recommendation.

How members of the Holberg Committee are chosen

Members of the Holberg Committee is chosen by the board of the Holberg Prize. Committee members are elected for an initial period of three years, with the possibility of one additional period.

A procedure is established in which the Holberg Prize Secretariat contacts Academies internationally asking for suggestions for potential committee members. In addition to scholarly and institutional achievements, variation in geography and scholarly fields are also criterias which committee members are chosen from.

Previous Members: