Nomination open for the 2017 Holberg Prize

Publisert 10.11.2015
The Holberg Board opens the nomination period for the 2017 Holberg Prize today, 10 November 2015.

The Holberg Prize is the largest annual prize awarded within the fields of arts and humanities, social science, law and theology. It was established by the Norwegian Parliament in 2003. The Prize for 2016 amounts to 4, 5 million NOK (approx. 485 000 EUR / 519 000 USD). The prize winner will be announced in March 2017 and the official award ceremony will take place in Bergen, Norway in June 2017.

How to make a nomination to the Holberg Prize

The Holberg Prize is awarded to scholars who have made outstanding contributions to research in the arts and humanities, social science, law or theology. The prize may be awarded both for work within a particular academic discipline and for work of a interdisciplinary nature. The prize winner must have had a decisive influence on international research.

Nominations for the prize can be made by scholars holding positions at universities and other research institutions, including academies.The Committee particularly encourages nomination of established scholars who are still active.

The Holberg Prize Board awards the Prize at the recommendation of the Holberg Committee. The function of the nomination is to make the Committee aware of the candidate’s work.

Nominations are accepted until 15 June 2016 at The winner will be announced in March 2017.


For more information about the nomination requirement please visit:


A Thorough evaluation process

Nominations for the Holberg Prize are screened and evaluated by the Holberg Committee, which is composed of leading researchers representing the different fields of the Holberg Prize. More over the committee reaches out to referees who are internationally recognised scholars within the fields of the shortlisted candidates. After a thorough process of evaluation, the Committee makes its recommendation on the winner to the Holberg Board which selects the winner.

The Holberg Committee has five members and is chaired by Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta.

For detailed instructions or enquiries:
Academic Director, Ellen Mortensen,
Project Manager, Solveig Stornes,

About the Holberg Committee

The Holberg Committee consists of internationally renowned scholars within the disciplines of the prize and is responsible for the scholarly assessment of the nominations. The Committee presents their recommendation to the Holberg Board, who appoints the award winner. Read more.

Holberg Prize laureates