Holberg Prize News

Graduate opportunity: Masterclass with Onora O'Neill

The Holberg Prize is offering scholarships for five Nordic PhD students to participate in the 2017 Masterclass with Onora O'Neill on "Judgement and Interpretation". The event takes place during the Holberg Week, 6 June, in Bergen. Application deadline: 1 May.

“What ought we do?” Interview with Onora O'Neill

How did the 2017 Holberg Laureate come to be interested in Kant? To what extent is public reasoning lacking today? Is Brexit a good or bad thing, and what are the dark side of human rights? These are some of the questions Professor Onora O'Neill addresses in this interview.

Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize Laureates 2017 Announced

The Holberg Prize 2017 is awarded to British scholar and Philosophy Professor Onora O'Neill, University of Cambridge, for her influential role in ethical and political philosophy. The Nils Klim Prize is awarded to Norwegian Professor of Economics Katrine Vellesen Løken, University of Bergen, for her ground-breaking research on the Nordic welfare states.

Announcement of the Holberg Prize & the Nils Klim Prize 2017

On March 14 we will announce the winner of the Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize 2017. The ceremony can be watched live from 9:00.

Holberg Committee Meeting and Embassy Event Held in Paris

The Holberg Committee convened in Paris recently to submit its recommendation for the 2017 Laureate, and Julia Kristeva held a talk at the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Robust Civility in an Age of Diversity and Conflict

How can we build a framework for ‘civilized conflict’ in multicultural societies characterized by political unrest and continuously changing media landscapes? Freedom of speech was on the agenda at the first ever Holberg Debate, with Timothy Garton Ash as keynote speaker.

Timothy Garton Ash confirmed for the Holberg Debate

Timothy Garton Ash is confirmed as keynote speaker for the first Holberg Debate, which will concern dilemmas related to free speech and exchange of information in the digital age. The debate is on Saturday 3 Desember, 15:00-17:00 at the House of Literature in Bergen.

Shortlist ready for the Holberg Prize 2017

The Holberg Committee met in Vienna 20-22 October and decided on the final shortlist for the Holberg Prize 2017. We are now one step further along in the process of selecting a Holberg Prize Laureate for next year.

Holberg Debate to be launched 3 December

3 December 2016 sees the launch of the Holberg Debate. The debate is inspired by Ludvig Holberg’s ideas of enlightenment and seeks to find answers on pressing issues to our time.

New members to the Holberg Board

The Holberg Prize is pleased to announce that Britt Andersen and Knut Olav Åmås have been appointed as new members to the Board of the Holberg Prize.