Nils Klim Prize News

During the Holberg week in June 2018 the Nils Klim Laureate Francesca R. Jensenius met with Siri Gloppen for a conversation on her research.
Professor Dorthe Staunæs from DPU, Aarhus University, has been appointed the new Danish member of the Nils Klim Committee.
In 2011, Jørn Jacobsen was awarded the Nils Klim Prize for his research into Norwegian criminal law. In this interview from 2017 he talks about why he chose an academic career, the value of legal theory, and challenges in criminal law.
"I am interested in how laws and regulations that are meant to promote justice or equality work in practice. How quickly can we see changes in society?" says Nils Klim Laureate Francesca R. Jensenius.
Fourteen years have passed since Claes de Vreese became the first Nils Klim Laureate. In this 2017 interview, he discusses pressing political issues and describes his research interests, which range from political communication and media framing to electoral behavior, and more.
The Nils Klim Committee met in Copenhagen on 16 January and are now ready with their recommendation for a prize winner for 2018.
The Norwegian economist Katrine Vellesen Løken was awarded the Nils Klim Prize in 2017 for her research on different aspects of the Nordic welfare states, such as parental leave schemes and the criminal system. In this interview, the young professor shares reflections about her research, the field of economics and the importance of good data.
The Holberg Board is now inviting nominations for the Nils Klim Prize 2019. The Prize is awarded to young Nordic scholars under the age of 35 who have made outstanding contributions to research within the arts and humantities, social science, law and theology.
On 17 January, the Nils Klim Committee met in Bergen to discuss this year’s candidates for the Prize and recommend a winner.
This years' shortlist is ready and the Nils Klim Committee is well under way with their work. Icelandic candidates are on the list, for the first time!