Successful Nils Klim Event in Reykjavik

Publisert 09.02.2016
What can be done to obtain more Nils Klim nominations from Iceland? This was the topic for discussion at the recent Nils Klim event in Reykjavik.

On 2 February, an event was held at the Nordic House in Reykjavik. The event was part of the Nils Klim Prize’s promotional tour in the Nordic countries. It brought together Icelandic researchers and members of the Nils Klim Committee and the Holberg Board for a discussion on how to obtain more nominations of Icelandic candidates for the Nils Klim Prize.

The Nils Klim Prize is awarded to Nordic researchers under the age of 35, who have made an outstanding contribution to research in the arts and humanities, social science, law or theology. Obtaining nominations from Iceland has proved difficult so far, and the discussion raised the issue of whether there could be particular, structural reasons for this.

The need for greater awareness of the Nils Klim Prize throughout the relevant fields was underlined, as was the fact that Nils Klim candidates from Iceland need not be associated with an Icelandic university in order to be nominated. It is sufficient that the candidate is an Icelandic citizen.

During the event, Prof. Sigmund Grønmo held a presentation on the Holberg Organization, while Nils Klim Committee Chair Prof. Frans Gregersen spoke on the Nils Klim Prize. Subsequently, Dr. Eirikur Smari Sigurdarson, Research Director at the School of Humanities, University of Iceland, held his talk on «How to succeed in obtaining nominations for the Nils Klim Prize from Iceland?» The floor was then opened for discussion.