The Nils Klim Committee

The Nils Klim Committee consists of Nordic scholars from the academic fields covered by the Prize. The Holberg Board apoints the Nils Klim Laureate based on the Committee's recommendation.

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  • Ástráður Eysteinsson
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  • Auli Vähäkangas

Workflow of the committee

The Nils Klim Committee is responsible for assessing the nominations and presenting a recommendation for the Holberg Board. They begin their work as soon as the nomination list is ready in late August and meet in January/ February to make their final decision on a recommendation. It is the Holberg Board who appoints the Nils Klim Laureate. This usually happens at a board meeting shortly after the committee has handed over their recommendation in late February.

The committee chair at present is Professor Tone Sverdrup from the University of Oslo.

Appointment of committee members.

The Holberg board appoints new members to the committee. Members are elected for a term of three years, with possibility for reelection once. In addition to scholarly achievements, variation in geography and scholarly fields are also criterias which committe members are chosen from. As a rule, all five Nordic countries are represented amongst the committee members.