Merle Jacob: Science and Society in the 21st Century

Science and Society in the 21st Century: Ian Hacking as a public intellectual

Merle Jacob is director at Centre for technology, innovation and culture, University of Oslo and professor at Lund University. Merle Jacob’s research focus can be broadly described as science-policy interaction. Her current research interests are research and innovation policy, the re-organisation of the university and in the role of scientific knowledge in international climate policy. She has also been involved in teaching professional courses in project and research management."

The Holberg Symposium 2009

The Holberg Symposium 2009 was held in honour of Holberg Laureate Ian Hacking. Speakers of the day were Ian Hacking, Ragnar Fjelland, Dagfinn Føllesdal, Bruna de Marchi and Merle Jacob.